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Learn with me in individual sessions

You can learn with me one-on-one in the framework of therapy, coaching, and/or supervision (clinical supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors, and practice supervision for coaches and facilitators).

As a psychotherapist, I work from a deeply non-pathologising perspective. I don’t help fix people (you’re not broken) and I don’t help change people. I help people get unstuck in the process to be more fully themselves. 

The difference between therapy and coaching is hotly debated. I’ll write a longer piece about that sometime, but for now: I bring the same awareness-based approach to coaching, we just focus more on how to achieve life goals and waaaaaay less (ok not at all) on your childhood, past traumas, deep psychological processes etc. 

The therapy profession is well accustomed to the necessity for supervision, not so much coaches and even less so group facilitators. All three professions work with people in change processes, carry an ethical responsibility in their work, and frequently work solo, so yes, supervision is appropriate for all three. Supervision provides a supportive relationship to briefly whinge about how hard your job is (when needed), then gets on to skill building, exploring the places you get stuck in your work, and helping identify and address ethical pickles – mostly through bringing cases to sessions but not always. 

The details for working with me one-to-one: 

  • You decide how often you want to do sessions – you can make a regular, recurring time, or book on a session-to-session basis
  • Sessions are 50 minutes long
  • Sessions are online via Zoom or on the phone if you prefer
  • I have a firm 24hr cancellation policy (full fees are payable if you cancel or reschedule a session with less than 24 hours notice or if you just don’t show up)
  • Therapy and coaching fees are AUD$160 (plus 10% GST if you’re in Australia) per session. Payment options include direct debit, credit card and Paypal
  • Supervision fees are based on what you charge your clients – if you charge less than me, the supervision rate is the same as my therapy and coaching rate (AUD$160+GST per session). If you charge more than me, the supervision rate is ‘your rate’ plus AUD$20 (plus 10% GST if you’re in Australia)
  • Fair trade rates – for clients from globally disadvantaged economies, we’ll negotiate an equitable rate and we can arrange other payment methods that work in your country.

If that all sounds OK for you, book a free 20-minute phone chat directly into my calendar at a time that suits you and we can work out if it feels like a good fit.

Looking for someone else?

There are three major online directories for therapists in Australia: Good Therapy, Natural Therapy Pages, and Psychology Today.

If you are specifically looking for a therapist who is actively inclusive of LGBTIQA+ identified people, check out the excellent Victorian Inclusive Practitioners listing.

There is also a listing of climate therapy specialists at Psychology for a Safe Climate.

There are also listings of qualified counsellors and therapists at the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and the Australian Counselling Association.

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