The concept of cultural repair is not a clearly defined theory or activity – and that’s probably how it should be.

So it’s a bit silly to come up with the Five Steps of Cultural Repair, of which this video is Step 4.

But I frame it like this because it helps me think about foundational concepts, which I do think are important, as long as we also remember they are ongoing processes, not static theoretical positions.

I also frame it like this because brains, mine at least but probably not only, struggle with the vast complexity of cultural repair work and I sometimes need relief from complexity, and nothing creates relief like Five Steps to Something Something.

I do think cultural repair work requires us to expand our capacity for complexity, unknowing, and the discomfort of both – but just like building physical muscles, rest time is essential for growth.

Your thoughts?

Love to read your thoughts on Step 4 in the comments – there are endless ways to live this step and hearing about the diversity is inspiring!

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