This is the core of my work – a range of courses that explore different ways of understanding the ruptures in Western culture and the ways this impacts our relational worlds and inner worlds. We explore outer structures and inner structures and we do it together, covering the basic three levels of cultural dynamics – structural, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.

One of my principles for good collaborative learning is to only run courses that I really want to attend – this makes for really vital learning spaces. However, the downside is you can’t count on the same courses being offered every year. So whilst I like the idea that some of these are bedrock courses that will always be here, it does seem unlikely. 

In the pipeline for 2023

Systems & Structures – Collaborative Seminar Series

Five-part collaborative seminar series that builds awareness of the systems, structures, and philosophies that shape and replicate the Western culture of dominance. Accessible learning materials and fortnightly online discussion groups. 

Series 1: Foundational

Topics: Structural Violence, Enlightenment Philosophies, Neoliberalism, Settler Colonialism, and Industrial Complexes.

Series 2: Helping

Topics: Medical Colonialism, The Therapeutic State, The Humanitarian Urge, Philanthrocapitalism, Global Health Surveillance.

Series 3: Movement

Topics: Cosmopolitanism, Space vs Place, The Costs of Mobility, Homesickness, and Globalisation.

Transforming Inner Criticism & Oppression

Cultures of domination, exploitation and separation create inner worlds full of criticism and shame. And these inner worlds can’t help but replicate harmful cultural practices.

A deep inner-work program all about inner criticism and oppression. Learn about: 

  • internalised patterns of oppression
  • how cultural patterns create inner critics
  • the three main types of inner critics
  • the six main ways inner criticism manifests
  • creative techniques for working with inner criticism
  • how inner critic work helps you deal with outer critics
  • why inner critic work is essential for better boundaries
  • the intersection of inner criticism and white fragility
  • how inner criticism perpetuates cultures of harm.

I’m committed to creating safe enough learning spaces, particularly for people from diverse backgrounds and people with marginalised experiences and identities. I’m always learning how to do this better – you can read more about how I create safe-enough spaces and share your ideas here.

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