Coming together in collaborative learning places is the heart of this work. The design of these places changes as I follow both my own inner direction and the emergent directions I observe in our learning interactions.

Monthly Snuffle

Kind of like a discussion group but not just 'braining'

In the monthly Snuffle, we pick up a scent and follow our noses…

It’s kind of like a discussion group, but we do more than bounce ideas around.

We experiment with different ways to follow emergent processes, how to use our whole selves (not just our intellect) in collaboration, and diverse ways of sharing and generating knowledge.

The topic for each month will come from who’s in the room.


Next Snuffle: 1st June, 6-8pm AEST (Melbourne time)

Where: Online, on Zoom.

Cost: $20 (trying to keep it accessible whilst also valuing skin in the game).

Cancellations: full refund with two+ days notice. No refund if less than that.

To register: just complete the form and payment.

Get notifications when the next one is happening: gotta join my newsletter list… 

Cultural Repair Practice Group 2024

Wait list open

A six-month practice group exploring and applying cultural repair approaches and application.

Using the group’s collective smarts and support, we’ll each develop a cultural repair project to work on over the six months. This could be anything! It might be a very personal inner development project, or maybe you want to learn a practical skill, or perhaps you have a community project you’d love support with. We’ll start with exploring project ideas and articulating together how they’re culturally restorative, then get into supported implementation, finishing with sharing our learning in the project (project itself doesn’t have to be complete).

The 2023 group is now underway so if you’d like to hear when the 2024 group expressions of interest open, join the waitlist – you’ll get just one email announcing the new group, nothing else. 

I’m committed to creating safe enough learning spaces, particularly for people from diverse backgrounds and people with marginalised experiences and identities. I’m always learning how to do this better – you can read more about how I’m currently thinking about this and share your ideas here.