individual sessions

Learn with me in individual sessions

You can learn with me one-on-one in the framework of coaching and/or supervision (clinical supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors, and practice supervision for coaches and facilitators), including small group supervision of up to six people.

Whilst I still see my existing clients in the therapeutic context, I’m no longer taking new therapy clients.

What do I mean by coaching?

I’m using this term because I can’t think of a better term that people understand, but really I mean individual-process-facilitation. Basically, you come with a thing, I help facilitate deeper awareness of the thing, that may or may not lead to specific changes/actions – depends on the process of the thing.

The thing, is a place where you feel stuck, conflicted, challenged or curious in life, and feel like more awareness would help.

Coaching fees are AUD$220 (+10% GST if you’re in Australia) per session. 

What’s Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a supportive relationship between a therapist (in this case counsellors and psychotherapists) with a more experienced therapist to whinge about how hard your job is (when needed), but mostly to support ethical practice, and skill and insight development with regard to working with clients, operating a practice, and the therapists’ own identity/process within the profession over their career.

In my therapeutic practice, I specialise in complex trauma work and working with people with socially marginalised/oppressed identities, professions, and relationship and sexual practices. I come from a deeply non-pathologising, liberatory perspective and will suit therapists also coming from, or striving to come from, a similar approach. I cover psychodynamic, somatic, and transpersonal approaches.

Clinical supervision fees are AUD$170 (+10% GST if you’re in Australia) per session unless you charge your clients more than that, then my rate is your rate + $20 (+GST).

What’s Practice Supervision for Coaches and Facilitators?

Whilst the therapy profession is accustomed to the necessity for supervision, it’s not as familiar to coaches and even less so for group facilitators. All three professions work with people in change processes, carry an ethical responsibility in their work, and frequently work solo, and so yes, I think supervision is appropriate for all three.

I support coaches and group facilitators in basically the same way as therapists. I help to:

  • prepare for complex facilitation engagements (including teamwork for facilitation teams)
  • develop a deeper understanding of the process of your clients/groups
  • learn new interventions through modelling and practising together
  • debrief work to understand where things went wrong and went right and what can be learnt from both
  • notice when you’ve strayed from your own deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your work
  • develop effective business/practice frameworks and boundaries
  • incorporate trauma-informed principles into your facilitation/coaching practice
  • predict and prevent (ideally) ethical issues and if the horse has already bolted, I help you work through them and learn with them.

Facilitation and Coaching Supervision fees are set at a minimum of AUD$250 (+10 %GST if you’re in Australia) per session but will more likely be based on your average hourly rate for facilitation + $20 (+GST).

The details for working together one-to-one for all of the above contexts

  • You decide how often you want to do sessions – you can make a regular, recurring time, or book on a session-to-session basis (I try to only be booked 2-3 weeks in advance but occasionally that can stretch to 6-8 weeks if I have annual-leave or teaching commitments).
  • Sessions are 50 minutes long unless we negotiate a longer session time when we make the booking – rates will then be applied pro-rata. I don’t extend session times without pre-arrangement.
  • Sessions are online via Zoom or on the phone if you prefer.
  • I have a really firm 24hr cancellation policy (full fees are payable if you cancel or reschedule a session with less than 24 hours notice or if you just don’t show up).
  • Payment options include direct debit, credit card and Paypal.
  • Fair trade rates – for clients from globally disadvantaged economies, we’ll negotiate an equitable rate and we can arrange other payment methods that work in your country.
  • If you do volunteer facilitation in progressive change work in Australia, I’m also happy to discuss significant rate reductions for facilitation supervision.

If that all sounds OK to you and you want to take the next step, click the button to book a free 20-minute phone chat directly into my calendar at a time that suits you and we can check each other out.

Other therapists I recommend

Here are a few therapists I know, like, and trust, and who have similar training backgrounds to me but are of course, unique and excellent in their own ways:

Grzegorz Zielinski (Carlton, Melbourne and online)

Beck Ronkson (Newcastle and online)

Martin Hemsley (Byron Bay and online)

Rikki Bandekow (Ocean Grove and online: Medicare rebates available)


Looking for something/someone else?

There are three major online directories for therapists in Australia: Good Therapy, Natural Therapy Pages, and Psychology Today.

If you are specifically looking for a therapist who is actively inclusive of LGBTIQA+ identified people, check out the excellent Victorian Inclusive Practitioners listing.

There is also a listing of climate therapy specialists at Psychology for a Safe Climate.

There are also listings of qualified counsellors and therapists at the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and the Australian Counselling Association.

If you need help working out what to look for in a therapist, check out my free and very comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Therapist.

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